SSR-1 Three-Channel Serial Data Logger

SSR-1 Serial Data Logger
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As the application expert, focus on the data — not how you're going to record it.  The SSR-1 takes care of the details of logging data so that you can focus on your application.  Up to three streams can be logged simultaneously in either raw format (as received) or in a time tagged archive to allow analysis and reconstruction of the serial streams.  Start recording automatically at power up, on command through a digital or PWM input, or using software commands.  Complete details are provided in the User's Manual.

Need USB access to the data without pulling the microSD card? Check out the SSR-1U, which adds USB access and a 4th serial channel!

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SSR-1 User's Manual     (Rev F - 2 Sep 2019)
Product Change Notice 14-01
AN002 Timestamped Lines using STTP     (
AN001 Timestamped Line Output     (
SSR-1 Firmware Update v2.2.0     (release notes)

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